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Starter Conversion Kit for John Deere 24V to 12V

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  • Part Number: HT12V3010DEL
  • OEM Number: TS-8000
  • Brand: A & I Products
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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


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New 12 Volt Starter, 12 Volt 1 Wire Alternator, Alternator Mounting Bracket, Battery Cables & Wiring, Solenoid & Instruction Sheet

Cross Ref with Part Numbers: SE5011474, TY16172

Fits Models:
3010, 3020, 4010, 4020

  1. Disconnect and mark all battery cables. Remove the original generator, regulator, and starter.
  2. Remove generator bracket. Install alternator and bracket (supplied in kit) The alternator supplied in this kit is a 1-wire unit. It is only necessary to use the battery stud on this unit. Make sure pulley alignment is correct. It may be necessary to reuse old pulley off the generator to get correct alignment.
  3. Cut the wiring harness next to the original regulator plug. Split the harness apart to expose the three wires. On early models the wires are colored brown, blue and black, on later models they are brown, blue, and pink. Strip the insulation from the ends of the brown and blue wire. Connect them together in the eye provided. Attach this to the positive battery stud on the rear of alternator. (No other connections are necessary on alternator)
  4. Install the starter and solenoid (supplied in kit) Connect the wires to the starter and solenoid as illustrated on wiring diagram.
  5. Connect the positive battery cables from both batteries to the top terminal (large) on starter along with the original brown and blue wires. (It may be necessary to turn on battery)
  6. Ground the negative post of the batteries with cables supplied in kit to a known good ground.
  7. Make sure all connections are clean, tight, and properly connected. Failure to do so can cause damage to the starter and/or alternator.