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What is an Underhaul Kit?

Our engine underhaul kits contains all the parts necessary to perform an engine bearing roll-in. Typically these kits include rod bearings, main bearings, rod bolts and an oil pan gasket. Preforming an engine bearing roll-in between engine overhauls greatly extends the life of your inframe or overhaul.

We currently carry a number of underhaul kits for John Deere®, International Navistar® and Cummins® engines.

Agkits Diesel Engine Underhaul Kit

You can view the underhaul option on many of these inframe-overhaul kits listed in our store.

Disel Engine Underhaul Kit Customize Agkits

You can select the "Underhaul Kit" option from the "Kit Type" drop down box on these products. This will automatically change the kit price. Then you can customize your bearing sizes before adding it to the cart. The parts included in the underhaul kits will be listed in the product description. In most cases they will include the rod bearings, main bearings, pan gasket & rod bolts. The rod bolts may not be included if the engine's connecting rod utilizes a stud & nut style bolt. This is because changing them could affect the concentricity of the big end bore and in turn could affect your bearing clearance.

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