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Lucas Cold Weather Fuel Treatment 5 Gallon Pail LU10022
Your Price: $196.53
A concentrate of our regular fuel treatment with upper cylinder lubricants, plus a concentration of special anti-gel agents.
Lucas Complete Fuel System Renewal Kit, 10966
Your Price: $25.55
The Lucas Complete Fuel System Renewal Kit is your all-in-one system maintenance solution! Just follow the 4 easy steps to eliminate gum, varnish, particulate matter and corrosion from all lines and components.
Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak, 1 quart, 10278
Your Price: $10.63
Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines!
Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 32oz. Bottle, 10001
Your Price: $16.02
Availability: In Stock
A pure petroleum multi-use oil supplement. Controls noise, heat and wear in manual transmissions and differentials. Number one in the heavy duty and high performance industries.
Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer, 10118
Your Price: $16.53
Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product - developed in the laboratory and tested in the field for maximum reliability.
Lucas Magnum CJ-4 Oil SAE 15W-40, 1 gallon, 10297
Your Price: $24.81
Lucas Magnum CJ-4 Oils are blended with premium "Lucas" additives that help maintain the life of the emission control systems as required for regulatory compliance. Expect less oil consumption and reduced engine wear.
Lucas Marine Fuel Treatment 1 Gallon LU10177
Your Price: $73.75
Designed specifically to address the issues watercraft owners experience with their engines and fuel systems.
Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak 12 oz LU10008
Your Price: $16.25
Stops rack and pinion problems, reduces slack, squeals and hard spots in worn rack and pinions.
Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer, 1 quart, 10130
Your Price: $18.49
Light enough for an import - Tough enough for a semi. Use in new equipment which requires synthetic oils or any equipment that needs enhanced performance.
Lucas White Lithium Grease 8 oz LU10533
Your Price: $6.67
Recommended for everything from household applications to a variety of automotive uses including chassis, trucks, tractors, and contractor equipment.