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Core Policy

Core Charge

Applicable items will display the Core Charge amount below the product in the "Details" section.

The Core Charge price will vary depending on the product purchased.

The Core Charge amount will be displayed and added to the total product purchase amount. The core charge amount is refunded upon receiving the used tcore in the appropriate conditions.

Core Returns

All core returns require a return authorization. Please return your core within 30 days of receiving shipment.

There are multiple convenient ways to initiate a proper Core Return:

Any un-authorized cores returned, freight collect may be refused or the shipping charges will be deducted from any core refund due back.

Allow up to 30-days for core processing

Extended Parts Advantage Core Inspection Service

  1. This is an added service to Purchased New or Reman Cummins B or C Series Long Blocks
    • This does not apply to complete engine units
  2. If you added "Extended Parts Advantage" to your Reliance Custom Long block purchase
    • Ship Your Core...
    • Please be sure to ship the that your engine is shipped on a sturdy engine stand able to withstand the round trip. Simply strapping your core to a pallet will not suffice and we will not be responsible for cores damaged in shipping due to improper palletizing.
    • What To Include...
      • We will remove, clean, and inspect the above-listed components prior to installation on your new or remanufactured long block. Should any of these components not pass inspection, you will be contacted with replacement alternatives.
      • The components you must send back are... Full fuel system, including any/all transfer/lift pump(s) and lines, fuel and oil filter housings, injection pump and drive gear, injectors and return lines, intake manifold cover and bolts, aftercooler, dampener, flywheel, and starter, turbo and exhaust manifold with bolts, turbo oil feed, and return lines, all piping, clamps, preheaters, brackets, and hardware.
      • What Not To Send Back... We only inspect, test, and swap over system-critical parts such as: Injection Pump, Turbo, Injectors, Fan Hub, Flywheel, Starter, and Bellhousing. Accessory components are not inspected and will not be re-installed.
      • DO NOT send back... Alternator, Air Compressor, Power Steering/ Hydraulic Pumps, Front Drive Shaft, Clutches, Torque Converters, PTO Units, etc…