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Connecting Rod Bearings - RE538581 for John Deere

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  • Part Number: NRE538581
  • OEM Number: RE538581
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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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John Deere Industrial 250D,300D(6090HDW15),
John Deere Industrial 260E,310E(6090HDW35,-HDW43),
John Deere Industrial 350G LC,380G LC(6090HT010,-HT012,-HT018),
John Deere Industrial 644K,724K(6090HDW19,-HDW29),
John Deere Industrial 670G,670GP,672G,672GP,770G,770GP,772G,772GP (6090HDW16,-HDW18,-HDW28,-HDW33,-HDW44),
John Deere Industrial 744K(6090HDW12),
John Deere Industrial 744K II(6090HDW20,-HDW36),
John Deere Industrial 803M,803MH,853M,853MH,859M,859MH (6090HTJ20,-HTJ29,-HTJ32),
John Deere Industrial 848L,948L(6090HDW22),
John Deere Industrial 848L II,948L II(6090HDW41),
John Deere Industrial 850L(6090HT019,-HT020),
John Deere Industrial 870G,870GP,872G,872GP(6090HDW11,-HDW18,-HDW28,-HDW33,-HDW44),
John Deere Industrial 950K(6090HT013),
John Deere Industrial 1270E,1470E(6090HTJ15),
John Deere Industrial 1270G,1470G(6090HTJ18,-HTJ28,-HTJ30),
John Deere Industrial 1910G(6090HTJ18,-HTJ28,HTJ31),
John Deere Industrial 3154G,3156G,3754G,3756G(6090HT014)

John Deere 4940(6090HN004),
John Deere R4044,R4060(6090HN009,-HN018)

John Deere 7230R,7260R,7280R to s/n 80,000,
John Deere 7250R,7270R(6090RW447),
John Deere 7290R,7310R,8235R,8245R,8270R,8285R,8295R,8310R,8310RT,8320R,
8260R (6090RW400 Series)

John Deere S650,S660,S670(6090HH015,-HH020,-HH024,-HH025),
John Deere S760,S770(6090HH028,-HH029),
John Deere T560(6090HZ011,-HZ017,-HZ025,HZ028),
John Deere T660(6090HZ017,-HZ025,-HZ028),
John Deere T670(6090HZ011,-HZ017,-HZ022,-HZ025,-HZ028)

Forage Harvester
John Deere 8100 & 8200(6090HZ014,-HZ018,-HZ019,-HZ020,-HZ029,-HZ030)