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The Bendix brand has a distinct history of being the first to introduce air brake system technologies like air compressors and air dryers to the North American market. Find the Bendix brake parts you need for repairs or upgrades here.

The function of the Bendix relay valve is to apply and release air pressure from the brake actuators and tractor clutches following the signal from the brake valve. It also shortens the response and reduces build-up time in a brake system. Relay valves are primarily used on long-wheelbase vehicles to apply and release rear axle(s) service or parking brakes.

Find Bendix components as well as many other makes and models here at Agkits. Quality customer service is our priority, and you can be assured our staff is standing by to assist as needed.

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Bendix 275491 - D-2 Style Air Compressor Governor
Your Price: $18.78
This item controls the compressed air output from the compressor to the reservoir causing the compressor to cut out when the pre-determined pressure is attained and, to cause the compressor to cut in and recharge the system when the pressure drops.
Bendix 276462 - PP-2 Push-Pull Hand Control Valve
Your Price: $37.63
Anti-compounding port which prevents simultaneous application of both the service and parking brakes.
Bendix 287376 - SR-2 Trailer Spring Brake Valve
Your Price: $68.74
This valve controls the functioning of the spring brakes during parking and emergency applications. It also automatically applies the spring brakes to prevent trailer air pressure loss in the event of a breakaway or supply line failure.