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Detroit Diesel 60 Series Rebuild Kit

There’s a reason the Detroit Diesel 60 Series has maintained its popularity. With the first fully electronically powered engine control system, it helped push the truck, boat and emergency vehicle standard forward. offers the most comprehensive line-up of overhaul kits for your Detroit Diesel 60 Series. You’re sure to find the quality you need at the right price — and get your Detroit Diesel engine up and running in no time!

Inframe kits for Detroit Diesel 60 Series supplies more in-frame kits than anyone else for a reason. The main advantage is an in-frame kit can be installed while your engine is still in the truck. When you receive your kit, you’ve got all of the necessary components to rebuild your engine in chassis. You won't have to bother with pulling the engine out of your truck, saving you valuable time and money.

Out-Of-Frame kits for Detroit Diesel 60 Series

When you need to do a full overhaul, an out-of-frame kit has everything you need. It's a more extensive rebuild and takes more time, but it’s a surefire choice for getting your 60 Series back to its very best. 

No matter if you choose to do an in-frame or out-of-frame rebuild, is here to help you find the right kit to get your Detroit Diesel 60 Series back on the road.