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Hardworking agricultural equipment necessitates regular and thorough maintenance to ensure the job gets done. Turn to one of the most trusted names in the heavy-duty tractor parts and accessories business for assistance in finding the replacements you need, like Case Brake Parts.

At Agkits, we are proud to carry Case brake discs, brake shafts, and more. These brake assemblies are branded by industry like RELIANCE and others, ensuring the units you invest in are the best in the market. All of our Case brake parts meet and exceed the OEM specifications, allowing you to purchase with confidence!

We are happy to offer free shipping. With warehouses across the US, we can ship quickly and efficiently to your location. Be sure to give us a call. Our Agkits techs and sales staff are ready to restore your ag machine, so you can get those chores done safely.

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Case Brake Disc (1975469C1)
Your Price: $26.50
Case 770 late, 870 late, 970 late, 1070, 1170 Bonded, 8.0" x 5.0", 24 spline, 770 from s/n 8,682, 870 & 970 from s/n 8,675,000
Case Brake Disc (A44712)
Your Price: $26.12
Case 400, 730, 770 early, 830, 870 early, 930, 970 early, 1030 bonded, 7.0" o.d., 24 spline 770 to s/n 8,682,416, 870 & 970 to s/n 8,675,001
Case Brake Shaft (A168167)
Your Price: $788.98
Case 1896 early, 2090, 2094, 2096 early, 2290, 2294 early 13 tooth, 36 splines, 13.25" long
Case-IH Brake Disc (A190067)
Your Price: $56.45
Case-IH 5120, 5130, 5140, 5220, 5230, 5240, MX100, MX110, MX120, MX135 1 used per side