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Waukesha 283, 310 Diesel Cylinder Head Gasket Set

Head Gasket Set
Manufacturer: Reliance
Reference No: RP391136

Price may change upon customization.

Gasket Type:

Waukesha 283, 310 Diesel Cylinder Head Gasket Set

Please note: Based on the head gasket type you select, the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets may be different than those shown above. Some models of this engine used 3 manifold gaskets, some used 6. We will base the manifold gasket selection with the corresponding head gasket style they were used with.

Oliver 1650 Diesel to eng.s/n 187,586
Oliver 1800 Diesel from eng.s/n 124,396
Oliver 1650 Diesel
Oliver 1655 Diesel
Oliver 1750, 1755 Diesel
Oliver 1855, 1950T, 1955 Diesel
Minneapolis Moline G750 Diesel
Minneapolis Moline G850 Diesel
Minneapolis Moline G940 Diesel
White 2-70, 2-78 Diesel

Waukesha D283 Diesel
Waukesha D310 Diesel
Waukesha D310 Turbo Diesel

This head gasket set contains the cylinder head gasket, valve cover gasket, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets. *View gasket set image above for exact contents.

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