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Lucas ZDDP High Zinc Break-In Oil (SAE30 5 Quarts), 10631

  • Part Number: LU10631
  • OEM Number: LU10631
  • Brand: Lucas
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Lucas Break-In Oil helps seal new rings while providing excellent extreme pressure properties that protect the entire valve train and camshaft. Especially designed for flat tappet camshafts, but can be used wherever you need the extra wear protection in the form of zinc. The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy. Protect your investment! Break in your engine the right way and use Lucas Break-In Oil.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker more efficient ring seal

  • Higher levels of zinc and phosphorus maximum protection (ZDDP Enhanced)

  • A must use for flat tappet camshaft break-in

  • Less blow-by equates more power and better ring seal

  • Requires no moly supplement and no additional additives

  • Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuel

  • Recommend use on initial break-in of both flat tappet and roller camshaft applications for maximum protection and performance

  • Excellent on track performance prior to switching engine over to the racing only line conventional or synthetic

Listed below are the oil capacities and required break-in oil quantities for your tractor, machine or engine:

Allis Chalmers 649, 16 quarts, 4 Jugs

Allis Chalmers 670, 19 quarts, 4 Jugs

Case 188, 5-7 quarts, 1-2 Jugs

Case 504, 15-18 quarts, 3-4 Jugs

Cummins 3.9, 10 quarts, 2 Jugs

Cummins 5.9, 16 quarts, 4 Jugs

Cummins 8.3, 21 quarts, 5 Jugs

International Harvester D239, 10 quarts, 2 Jugs

International Harvester DT414, 20 quarts, 4 Jugs

Ford New Holland 201, 8 quarts, 2 Jugs

Ford New Holland 256, 9 quarts, 2 Jugs

Ford New Holland 401, 12 quarts, 3 Jugs

John Deere 239, 8 quarts, 2 Jugs

John Deere 270, 9 quarts, 2 Jugs

John Deere 404, 12 quarts, 3 Jugs

John Deere 404T, 17 quarts, 4 Jugs

John Deere 466T, 21 quarts, 5 Jugs

John Deere 6076T, 22 quarts, 5 Jugs

Perkins D152, 6 quarts, 2 Jugs

Perkins 236, 9 quarts, 2 Jugs

Perkins 354, 16 quarts, 4 Jugs