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Ford 7.8L Brazilian (FOHN6110KA) Piston

Manufacturer: Reliance
Reference No: F1HZ6108X

Price may change upon customization.

Bore Size:

Ford 7.8L Brazilian (FOHN6110KA) Piston

4.400" / 112mm Bore - 1991-1993

Interchanges #1495 Mahle Piston

*Price is per piston.

Related Part Number 1: 01494N
Material: Aluminum
Casting Number: 110L99
Maximum Oversize: 0.030IN
Bore Diameter: 111.79MM
Piston Skirt Clearance: 0.0053IN
Measure Skirt Clearance At: .625" from the bottom of skirt
Piston Pin Diameter: 1.750IN
Head Type Description: Flat w/ Combustion Chamber
Recess Depth: 0.881IN
Recess Diameter: 2.303IN
Compression Distance: 2.937"
Compression Ring Groove 1: 3.16MM
Compression Ring Groove 2: 2.50MM
Oil Ring Groove Width 1: 4.80MM
Note 1: Except 270 HP Engines. Tappered Rods. Hard Anodized Crown

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