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Detroit Series 60 Remanufactured Cylinder Head 11.1L, 12.7L & 14.0L

  • OEM Number: 8929620RV
  • Brand: Agkits
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11.1 Liter or 12.7 Liter Non-EGR Heads
12.7 Liter (EGR) or 14 Liter (Non-EGR) Heads
14 Liter (EGR) Heads
Castings: 8929620, 8929872
Castings: 23529682
Castings: 23529682, 23534748
OEM Part Numbers: 23525566, 23525567, 23526844, 23523294
OEM Part Numbers: 23533689, 23531254
OEM Part Numbers: 23538858, 23533690

Important - Cylinder head must be returned with original camshaft caps in order to receive core credit.

Cylinder Head Repair Process
  • Magnafluxed to detect cracks
  • Cracked Heads are Furnace Welded
  • Under lower limit heads are Thermal Casted
  • 100% Air Decay and Wet Tested
  • All threads are chased
Finish Machining and Assembly
  • New guides and injector tubes installed
  • Decks are Surface Ground
  • Seats are machined and vacuum tested
  • Components are inspected to O.E.M standards
  • New springs, keepers and retainers installed
  • Sealed with rust preventative