Cummins 855 Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit

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Cummins 855 Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit

Please Note: The Cummins 855 Rebuild Kit has an option of two different sized sleeves. If you are unsure of your sleeve size, we recommend looking for the part number on the upper flange or taking some simple measurements on the flanged portion of your liner. Here are the specifications of available liners:

Standard Sized Sleeve
.020 / .040 Sized Sleeve
Bore Diameter
Flange Outer Diameter
Flange Width
Sleeve Outer Diameter at Pilot
Sleeve Outer Diamter at Barrel
Sleeve Outer Diamter at Seal

Alternatively, here are the OEM Part numbers that you should find on the upper flange of your cylinder sleeves. This list will help you determine which size liner your engine currently has:
  • Standard Size Liners should contain one of the following OE part numbers: AR11317, BM98677, S0-2203GL, S0267, WS-447, WS545, FP3801826, MIL-E-11276, 162950, 183050, 213740, 2264414, 3055099, 3801826, 00-011-7786
  • .020 / .040 Size Liners should contain one of the following OE Part Numbers: 3803219, 3054936, 3065405

Parts Included In Engine Inframe Kit:
(6) Cylinder Kits (Cylinder Liner with O-Rings, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin)
(1) Upper Gasket Set
(1) Oil Pan Gasket
(6) Rod Bearings
(1) Main Bearing Set

Parts Included In Engine Overhaul Kit:
(6) Cylinder Kits (Cylinder Liner with O-Rings, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin)
(1) Full Gasket Set w/ Crankshaft Seals
(6) Rod Bearings
(1) Main Bearing Set

Piston # Piston Type
3801817 Dual-Ni
3801818 Dual-Ni
3801819 Dual-Ni
3801820 Dual-Ni
3801822 Dual-Ni
3801823 Dual-Ni
3801824 Dual-Ni
3801953 Dual-Ni
3801954 Dual-Ni
3801956 Dual-Ni
3803215 Dual-Ni
3803216 Dual-Ni
3803217 Dual-Ni
3803218 Dual-Ni
3803233 Dual-Ni
3803346 Dual-Ni
3801774 Premium
3801776 Premium
3801779 Premium
3801780 Premium
3801781 Premium
3801795 Premium
3801874 Premium
3801771 Premium Plus
3801775 Premium Plus
3801777 Premium Plus
3801778 Premium Plus
3801782 Premium Plus
3801783 Premium Plus
3801796 Premium Plus
3801797 Premium Plus
3801798 Premium Plus
3801875 Premium Plus
3803209 Premium Plus
3803210 Premium Plus
3803211 Premium Plus
3803212 Premium Plus
3803213 Premium Plus
3803214 Premium Plus
3803221 Premium Plus
3803223 Premium Plus
3803224 Premium Plus
3803228 Premium Plus

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