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Cummins 3.9L, 5.9L Diesel Piston Pin Bushing (4891178)

  • Part Number: K4891178
  • OEM Number: 4891178
  • Brand: Reliance
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    Every Reliance part is produced to exacting standards to ensure the same or better reliability as the original part. In fact, for older engines current technology is often so improved that the part we make available today may actually be better quality than the same part used to assemble the engine originally.

    New Reliance Power Parts replacement engine parts are covered for two years from date of installation. There is no limitation on the number of hours/miles of operation within the two year period. Remanufactured engine parts are covered for 1 year with no hour/mile limitation. New clutch and non-engine parts are covered for 1 year with no hour/mile limitation. Remanufactured clutch and non-engine parts are covered for 6 months with no hour/mile limitation..

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Allis Chalmers 8745, 8765, LT70, LT85
Allis Chalmers 8775, 8785, RT95, RT115
Allis Chalmers RT130, RT145
Case-IH 5120, 5220
Case Industrial 9010, 9010B, 9020, 9020B Diesel
Case Industrial 450C, 455C, 480E, 480F, 550, 550E, 550G, 580E, 580K, 584E, 585E, 585G, 586E, 588G, 660, 686G, 760, 860, 1840,  1845C, W11B, W602BD, W602BDA, W602BPD, W752B Diesel
Case Industrial 580L, 590, 650, 650E, 650G, 688 Diesel
Case-IH 5130, 5230
Case Industrial 680K, 680L, 850D, 850E, 855D, 855E, W14B, W14C, W1102, W1102D Diesel
Case 1896, Case-IH 5140, 5240, 5250, MX100, MX110, MX120, MX135
Case Industrial 621, 621B, 780C, 780D, 850G, 880D, 888, 1085B, 1150E, 1150G, 1155E, 9030, 9030B Diesel
Case 2096, Case-IH MX150, MX170
White 60 American
White 80 American
White 100
White 120, 125 Workhorse, 6124, 6125 Workhorse
White 140, 145 Workhorse, 6140, 6145 Workhorse

Fits Engines
Cummins 4390 Diesel
Cummins 4T390 Diesel
Cummins 6590 Diesel
Cummins 6T590 Diesel
Cummins 6TA590 Diesel
Cummins 3.9L Diesel
Cummins 5.9L Diesel

works with machined and fractured split rods

Interchanges 4891178, 3901085, 3941476

Requires Boring