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International Piston Ring Set C164 Gas

Piston Rings
Item Number: S41814
Manufacturer: Red Power
Reference No: S41814

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International Piston Ring Set C164 Gas

Piston Ring Configuration: std., 3.50" std bore, 3).093" 1).250",1 Cylinder set

This is a 1 Cylinder Set

Piston Ring Set Fits: L266
International Super H

Red Power

Packaging and Numbering
Red Power parts are exclusively packaged in Red Power boxes. If you’re familiar with International Harvester® parts, the numbering system is the same one you’re already used to.

Specializing in International Harvester® Engines
Red Power engine parts specialize in International Harvester® tractors and combines only. This allows you the most extensive and complete coverage available for these machines in the market today!

High Quality Engine Products
If an engine is to hold up to the demand of many hours of hard work, then every component in that engine must be able to perform at the highest standard. Red Power engine products provide you with the ability to meet this demand through high quality and reliability. Red Power utilizes a combination of new and remanufactured engine components maintaining the same high quality standards for both.