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Cummins 855 Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit (FP Diesel Brand)

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Cummins 855 Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit (FP Diesel Brand)

Please Note: The Cummins 855 Rebuild Kit has an option of two different sized sleeves. If you are unsure of your sleeve size, we recommend looking for the part number on the upper flange or taking some simple measurements on the flanged portion of your liner. Here are the specifications of available liners:

Standard Sized Sleeve
.020 / .040 Sized Sleeve
Bore Diameter
Flange Outer Diameter
Flange Width
Sleeve Outer Diameter at Pilot
Sleeve Outer Diamter at Barrel
Sleeve Outer Diamter at Seal

Alternatively, here are the OEM Part numbers that you should find on the upper flange of your cylinder sleeves. This list will help you determine which size liner your engine currently has:
  • Standard Size Liners should contain one of the following OE part numbers: 183050, 210130, 213740, 3042763, AR09311, AR11317, BM98677, 3055099
  • .020 / .040 Size Liners should contain one of the following OE Part Numbers: 3803219, 3054936, 3065405

Parts Included In Engine Overhaul Kit
(6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals)
(1) Full Gasket Set
(6) Rod Bearing Pairs
(1) Main Bearing Set

Parts Included In Inframe Engine Kit
(6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals)
(1) Upper Gasket Set
(1) Oil Pan Gasket
(6) Rod Bearing Pairs
(1) Main Bearing Set

In order for us to better serve you, we require that the above fields are filled out. Many Cummins engines used a number of different cylinder liners, pistons, ring packages, gaskets, and bearings. Having the CPL number, engine model and engine serial number helps us ensure that you are getting the correct parts. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our friendly parts experts, give us a call 1-800-437-3609.

This Cummins Engine Kit is FP Diesel Brand. FP Diesel, part of the Federal-Mogul engine systems group, is the leading brand of premium heavy duty engine parts and gaskets. Today's heavy duty market demands performance. At FP Diesel, performance means more than just providing quality parts at competitive prices. Performance means precision engineered parts that meet your demanding specifications. FP Diesel brand parts carry a unprecedented 2 year warranty regardless of hours or miles.

If the data tag is missing from your engine, the Engine Serial Number for a Cummins 855 can generally be found in two locations:
Early engines: Front left top of block behind air conditioner pump bracket.
Newer Engines: Fuel pump side of engine. Rear of the block, near rear intake port.

FP Diesel

With FP Diesel® you get a complete offering of premium, leading-edge technologies engineered in each replacement engine and sealing component and designed to thrive in demanding work environments. From cutting edge metallurgy on the inside to specialized coatings on the outside, FP Diesel components are infused with advanced technologies. The award-winning engineering concepts behind these parts deliver problem-solving benefits you can trust.

Their latest innovations address service issues in new and old engine platforms. It’s further proof that when you choose FP Diesel you get premium-quality parts along with the technology engines need for like-new performance and extended durability.

FP Diesel develops and tests each new engine repair solution through the Federal-Mogul network of research facilities, addressing the replacement challenges encountered in rebuilding engines and, in many cases, improving on original materials and designs. With FP Diesel, you are get a repair solution in the form of trusted technologies engineered to address the unique demands and operating environments of each engine after thousands of hours of operation.