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Cummins 855 Bull Nose Crankshaft

Item Number: K3608833
Manufacturer: Agkits
Reference No: 3608833

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Cummins 855 Bull Nose Crankshaft

Application: NT855, Big Cam

Casting No. 0131, 101109, 10846, 110760, 111786, 124310, 12821, 130186, 144016, 3000140, 3024923, 56711, AR1937, H56711, NH0123

Weight: 370lbs

Stroke: 6.000

Bore: 5.500

Rod Journal: 3.1240-3.1250

Main Journal: 4.4990-4.5000

Info: Flange - Flat, 6 Bolt Holes, Snout - Straight 6 Bolt Holes

Bearing Info: None.


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