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Caterpillar C15 Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit (IPD)

  • OEM Number: AGK-IPD-C15
  • Brand: IPD

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This engine kit fits engines with serial numbers beginning with 6NZ, 9NZ, MBN.

Parts Included in Inframe Rebuild Kit
(6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals)
(6) Rod Bearings
(1) Main Bearing Set
(1) Upper Gasket Set
(1) Oil Pan Gasket

**Note: Some engines use a Isolation Seal Type Oil Pan Gasket (OE# 168-5248). For these engines note that this gasket is not include in the engine kit. Caterpillar suggests this gasket is reusable up to 3 times. We suggest reusing it if it's in usable condition.

To watch an informational video on the IPD crevice seal liners. Click "Play" below the product picture.

For cylinder block deck inspection criteria and proper liner protrusion refer to the appropriate OEM service information or the OEM block joint repair procedure (SEHS9564-1). All IPD hardened liners are coated with a rust preventative during packaging. Each liner must be cleaned of this coating and then dried before placing it in the cylinder block. The liner should be cleaned with soap, warm water and a bristle brush taking extra care at the seal ring groove and filler band groove areas. Carefully dry with compressed air after cleaning is complete. 

After step two (2) above is complete, the liner seal rings can be installed on the liner At this time lubricate the lower cylinder block bore and the seal rings with a rubber lubricant, liquid soap or silicone grease. Do not use any type of spray silicone. Completely coat the black filler band with clean engine oil and install in the upper band groove At this time the liner must be installed in the cylinder block as the black filler band is designed to swell upon contact.

Watch an informational video on the IPD crevice seal liners.