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Caterpillar 3406, 3406B, 3406C Inframe-Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit (FP Diesel)

  • OEM Number: CAT3406FP
  • Brand: FP Diesel
Our Top Selling 3406 kit!

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Available piston choices
7E0292 (15.6:1 CR 1992 Engines 310-425 HP)
7E0539 (15.2:1 CR 1990 350-425 HP)
1010016 (16.4:1 CR 310-425 HP)
7E8656 (15.6:1 1991-92)
7E8700 (15.2:1 1991-92 350-425 HP)
6N4126 (460 HP Underground Mine Usage)
7N3509 (15.2:1 CR Under 350 HP)
7N3633 (14.5:1 CR 400 HP)
9Y3116 (Up to 310 HP)
9Y4004 (14.5:1 CR)
9Y7212 (7N3511 15.6:1 CR 310 HP)
9Y9889 (7C3406 15.2:1 CR 350-425 HP)

Parts Included In Engine Overhaul Kit:
(6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals)
(1) Full Gasket Set
(6) Rod Bearings
(1) Main Bearing Set

Inframe Engine Kit Breakdown
(6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals)
(1) Upper Gasket Set
(1) Oil Pan Gasket
(6) Rod Bearings
(1) Main Bearing Set

Liner orings included in this engine kit are color coded. There will be 3 O-Rings and a Filler Band. This is the order from top to bottom: Black (Filler Band), Green, Orange, Blue/Purple.

This Caterpillar Engine Kit is FP Diesel Brand. FP Diesel, part of the Federal-Mogul engine systems group, is the leading brand of premium heavy duty engine parts and gaskets. Today's heavy duty market demands performance. At FP Diesel, performance means more than just providing quality parts at competitive prices. Performance means precision engineered parts that meet your demanding specifications. FP Diesel brand parts carry a unprecedented 2 year warranty.

All cylinder blocks must be precisely checked for concentricity and deck surface condition prior to liner installation. Anything less than perfect condition at these points can lead to cracked flanges on the cylinder liner. Failure to thoroughly inspect these two areas is the leading cause of liner flange cracking and should be the foremost consideration if liner flange failure occurs. FP Diesel warranty claims will not be considered without sufficent evidence on the cylinder blocks condition.

Please refer to Caterpillar repair procedure (SEHS9564-1) for inspecting your liner protrusion and cylinder block deck.

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Caterpillar 3406 Head Torque Sequence